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Digital Drawings
Orange Bellied Parrot by jelikattebayo
Gaming Buddy by jelikattebayo
Gaia Avatar - Micca by jelikattebayo
My Little World is Grey by jelikattebayo
David: Before and After by jelikattebayo
My Kyo by jelikattebayo
:iconpencildivend1::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivtip1:Digital Art :iconpencildivtip2::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivend2:

:star: DA Muro :star:
:bulletblue:Line Art –one color line only(.75₵, 10:points:)
:bulletblue:Line art –all colored in($1.25, 15:points:)
:bulletblue:Text -any color(+.50₵,+2 :points:)
----single color(free)
----specific(+.25₵,+1 :points:)
:bulletblack:Note- You may choose a single colored background; include the color. Background price is added if you want something more like outer space, inner space, the stratosphere, farm, or circus and such.
:bulletblack:Note- If you wish be specific on colors and patterns if familiarized with the brushes on there. Thanks. I will do my hot diggity best!

:star: SAI :star:
:bulletgreen:Line art- one color line only($2, 10:points:)
:bulletgreen:Line art– all colored in($3, 20:points:)
----with shade($3.75, 25 :points:)
----with background($5, 30 :points:)
:bulletgreen:Additional character( +.50₵, +5:points:)
:bulletblack:Note- Please let me know beforehand what dimensions you would like that canvas to be, or I'll just suit what's best which isn't a bad thing just to assure you.
:bulletblack: Specify if you want a background or not. I do not want 'I don't care about the back ground, it can be blank or whatever' then I will assume you want one. Be straightforward and answer Yes. I want it like this... or no. If I do add one, you will pay, unless I say otherwise.
:bulletblack:Note- I also have Flash CS3, so if you'd like me to use that let me know. I think Flash and SAI are pretty similar. I just got SAI cuz mostly everyone seems to use it a little more. I also use PhotoShop CS3.

IMPORTANT FOR THIS WIDGET - Don't worry, you don't have to hit the button below, but if you're serious about it, then do so. YOU STILL HAVE TO SEND A NOTE WITH ALL THE INFO AS MENTIONED ABOVE FOR A RECOGNIZED COMMISSION. If it's a mistake I'll send the points back. Also you can make the partial payment here. I'll add/subtract the difference in the final price, so don't worry! I'm an honest person, and if I rip people off, it's not going to be good for my reputation. I am going to make a good name in for myself. Besides, I love DA too much to do something stupid like that.
If you wish to give me additional points once I reveal the commission to you let me know through the donation pool by mentioning "tip" or for "a good job". Thanks! It's better to be detailed than have a mess, no?
Traditional Drawings
The Life Fuse by jelikattebayo
I Feel Broken by jelikattebayo
Jon lessthanthree by jelikattebayo
Volkswagen Bus by jelikattebayo
C.M. by jelikattebayo
Ninja Girl by jelikattebayo
:iconpencildivend1::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivtip1:Traditional Art:iconpencildivtip2::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivend2:

:star:DRAWINGS:star:(All in pencil, so black and white)
:bulletpink: Simple Portrait/ Headshot- people, animals. ($5, 400:points:) Ex.;
:bulletpink: Simple Sketch/ Line art
----Upper torso ($5, 400:points:) Ex.;
----Full body ($10, 800:points:) Ex.;
:bulletpink: Detail Sketch---You may want to include any details you wish to have on there. If I really like the idea I may get into it myself! ($20, 1600:points:) Ex.;

:star: Color/ Extras
:bulletpink: Flat Color ($2, 160:points:)
:bulletpink: Shading/ Cell shading ($2, 160 :points:)
:bulletpink: Single Colored Lines ($3, 240 :points:)
:bulletpink: Black copic marker outline ($1, 100 :points:)

:star: Miscellaneous
:bulletpink: Additional character/ Individual ($1, 100 :points:)
:bulletpink: Background
----Simple ($2, 160 :points:)
----Detailed ($5, 400 :points:)


:bulletpurple:Default traditional paper size of choice:
---2.5"x3.5" (ATC's- Bristol [smooth surface] or drawing paper)
---11"x14" (Bristol)
:bulletpurple:Shipping charges will apply via USPS. Not sure if I should offer this yet since, once again, I'm starting out at this, but just send me a note :note: for details.
:bulletpurple:Request Info:1)Name category chosen (traditional, SAI, or Muro) 2):email:,3)Description of what you want, and 4)Canvas size for digital or drawing paper size for traditionals. ALL THROUGH NOTE. EXAMPLE- Muro, orange outline of the four starred dragon ball. Background of blue polka dots, with text saying "DragonBallZ". If you like break it down with the prices, but I'll do that too and reply, just to know we're on the same page.
:bulletpurple:I also do some photo editing with Photoshop CS3 such as touch ups. I worked on some friend's since I felt they could look better s I did before and afters. Examples-,,
:bulletpurple: I haveTROUBLE doing- mythical creatures, machinery, scenery/ landscaping (but not really bad I just think can be better). I do not REFUSE to do them, but quality might be slightlyaverage. But I can't turn down a challenge! :meow:)
:bulletpurple:I REFUSE to draw- nudes, sexually explicit material, religious things. (I don't have anything against religion, everyone has their beliefs as do I, but I wouldn't want any type of commotion to begin is all, such as any hate talk towards the people I drew for.)
:bulletpurple:I CAN do- chibis, animals (may vary), flowers/plants.

:iconpencildivend1::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivtip1:PAYMENTS & REGULATIONS:iconpencildivtip2::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivend2:

:bulletorange:Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat or :devart::points:.
:bulletorange:Client pays half of the total price. If shipping is involved,that will be payed once the commission is complete.
:bulletorange:I will show a base sketch, most likely by email, and if requested, I will revise it until you (the client) are satisfied with how it's setup so I may begin the final product.
:bulletorange:If you, the client, are not satisfied then 1) the commission will be terminated, 2)I keep the final product, and 3) I keep the payment for time and effort.
:bulletblack:If the client does not pay, then I will either not begin the commission or begin the commission. When I do finish the commssion, and show the client, and are not satisfied with it, I keep the final product. The client can still submit a commission to me the proper way as stated above with my regulations.

IMPORTANT FOR THIS WIDGET - Don't worry, you don't have to hit the button below, but if you're serious about it, then do so. YOU STILL HAVE TO SEND A NOTE WITH ALL THE INFO AS MENTIONED ABOVE FOR A RECOGNIZED COMMISSION. If it's a mistake I'll send the points back. Also you can make the partial payment here. I'll add/subtract the difference in the final price, so don't worry! I'm an honest person, and if I rip people off, it's not going to be good for my reputation. I am going to make a good name in for myself. Besides, I love DA too much to do something stupid like that.
If you wish to give me additional points once I reveal the commission to you let me know through the donation pool by mentioning "tip" or for "a good job". Thanks! It's better to be detailed than have a mess, no?
$5 Commissions- Traditional on ATC
I'm thankful you even read this! Please pass the word for me - I will have 5 slots open, depending on what is asked for. The measurements will be 3.5"x 6.5" or the normal ATC measurements (you decide). It will be a simple line art/sketch NOT COLORED but black copic marker and a black micron pen.
Note me if you're interested. With the $5 you pay, it will allow me to mail it to you. Quick before the list fills! Thank you for reading.

As for limits I'm not sure yet. Let me know if you have more than one request, that way I can try and ship it all together, but I will still charge $5 per drawing.

I've been low on money and I just got some more resin. You can look on the link attached that will show you prices for traditional stuff and you can also take a look on my profile for stuff that I've been making like bottle cap keychains, magnets, and so forth.
Bottle Cap & Jewelry Commsissions
-1 by jelikattebayo
-11 by jelikattebayo
-20 by jelikattebayo
-6 by jelikattebayo
-4 by jelikattebayo
-21 by jelikattebayo

:iconpencildivend1::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivtip1:Bottle cap Key chains & Necklaces :iconpencildivtip2::iconpencildivmid::iconpencildivend2:
Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat
:bulletyellow:Tell me what you'd like to see on a 1" diameter bottle cap. I draw the images, one for the inside and one for the back.
:bulletyellow:This list also includes small perler bead creations I make.
:bulletyellow:"large" items are refereing to perler beads only and measure between 3"-5".
:bulletyellow:"Small" refers to perler beads andbottle caps and measure from 1"-2".
If you're interested send me a note :note: and I'll reply as quickly as possible.
<h3> I make custom ones, or make what you see in the photos provided!</h3>

**I have what's in the photos as of 5.28! They won't be here for long with coming art shows but let me know what you want.
 Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraBottle CapsJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara
Necklaces - $5
Phone Charms - $2
Magnets - $1.50
Key Chains - $3
Alone (w/ jump ring) - $1

 Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraRingsJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara

Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraResinJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara
 Necklaces - $7.50


So tired from work. I don't know how I'll keep this up. :'/
Quick Summary: [12.23.14] I have the prices low because I am busy, but I can always use the extra money now since I am finally saving up for a car. I'm gonna need the moolah help. ALSO- I work full time and I return the 12th of January 2015, so get bidding while you can! I will be on Fridays and weekends to take care of your artistic needs. I will confirm your winning bid by adding your name below the category you have bid in or bought on and send a note too. Serious inquiries only!

Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraBIDDING will end Sat. Dec. 27thJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara


Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-KittieAUCTIONFree Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie

Increments will be a minimum $2

:bulletred:Bid for 1 week: Starts @ $10
Current Top Bidder:

:bulletorange:Bid for 2 weeks: Starts @ $15
Current Top Bidder:

:bulletyellow:Bid for 3 weeks: Starts @ $20
Current Top Bidder:

Free Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-KittieAutomatic BuyFree Rainbow Heart Pixel Divider by Emi-Kittie

$30: 1 week
$35: 2 weeks
$50: 3 weeks

Super Mario Bros. Question Box What is it? What am I getting?

This auction is for 1,2, or 3 weeks of requests from me. Basically, you get to ask me for anything, anytime for the amount of weeks you paid for. You can ask me to draw anything at any time, and I mean anything at anytime. I'm your art slave for goodness sakes! lol

Super Mario Bros. Question Box What will/can you draw?

Anything really, this also includes fan art, gifts and some sensual work depending on how risque you want it.
Look below for do's and don'ts.

Super Mario Bros. Question Box What is the minimum I can bid?

Increments will be a minimum $2. So if it starts at $5 you would at a minimun bid +$2 for a total of $7.

Super Mario Bros. Question Box Can I substitute cash for :points:?:baffled: 

No can do. I'm in dire need of some cash flow. For basic things.... like REALLY NEEDED BASIC THINGS. If you're a girl I'm sure you can get my POINT and FLOW. hint hint

Super Mario Bros. Question Box Anything else I should know?

  • Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat ONLY. 
  • I will start when payments are submitted and paid in full. I might even agree to letting you pay half, and the other half once you ask me to draw something for you. 
  • I will not draw anything until I get the full payment. 
  • If you only pay half and I never get a request from you, I keep the half payment for patiently waiting, and what could have been an open spot for somebody else.
  • You can pick when I start being your art slave. I will keep note of your username and for what you bought me for week wise.
  • Since you can Automatic Buy, I'm willing to have as many slots available, especially since you can choose WHEN I start being your Art Slave.
  • You can request whatever you want/as much as you want...But PLEASE be reasonable.
beg by onionsad

bunneh icon12 Do's:
:bulletgreen: Artistic nudity (with some restrictions such as private areas covered)
:bulletgreen: Light romance (Kissing, cuddling, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Yaoi/Yuri Couples (This is a first for me but I'll try. I'm that desperate guys. Love me.)
:bulletgreen: I do Line art drawings, chibis, regular drawings, Photoshop (though it's faster and easier for me to use SAI, especially for this circumstance), design you a character, make you a ref, ANYTHING WITHIN MY SKILLS AND LEARNING ABILITIES! 
bunneh icon8 Dont's: 
:bulletred: 18+ Porn/Fetish
:bulletred: Feral/Mecha (I'll try, but it'll probably look like shit)

Examples can be found in my gallery:… ,specifically under the DIGITAL folder. :meow:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3HAPPY BIDDING/BUYING!Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

  • Drinking: water, and more water.
Pink Square Bullet 7.28.14
Yay. What a long weekend moving. I'm tired but because of that I've been sleeping soooooooooo good! Getting a good arm and leg workout too! So far all we gotta do is clean and such. I'm at a colleague's house Bubits and his cousin's. They're two really cool guys. I had a great PREP summer. My program assistants were amazing and super fun. All the PA's I've worked with are very fun. I enjoyed myself this summer as I do every year. Can't wait to work again for PREP this coming summer. I thankfully landed a job at UTSA which is good cuz I'll be enrolling there soon. I'm planning to attend in the Spring 2015. This year is already midway through. (daaaaaaaaaaang!!) So yeah, it's still july but it'll be over soon. Hah. Okay signing off.
:star: revamp Princess Peach :star: revamp 

PS- Princess Peach is my work alias name since this year we chose video game names. Our boss was Bowser, hahaha. Next year Trent wants me to push for Pixar characters. I just hope we're teamed up again!

Bullet; Pink 8.5.14
Well hanging out with the PA's. This is the best group of PA's ever! We just finished a bbq and it was amazing! I'll have work tomorrow already, but I'm glad we've come together as a good group of friends that don't hang out only cuz of PREP, but because PREP brought us together as a whole as lame as that sounds. hahaha
Okay well Jelika out! :peace:
  • Mood: It's Hot
  • Listening to: Dethklok
  • Playing: Borderlands 2
  • Drinking: water, tea, water...
Pink Square Bullet Sun- 6.15.14
Okay so a couple of things:
*Moving out close to the end of July/beginning of August.
*I probably won't working on so much since I have my usual summer job again. I hope it's not too stressful since I'll be overlooking 9 Program Assistants handling kids. Yikes.
*I do have Fridays off thanks to the programs Mon-Thurs work schedule. So hopefully I'll be checking my account daily if not on Fridays.
*I'll be getting my driver's license soon because I need a car. So that's like $75 online for the safety driving thing. (I live in Texas)

Those are pretty much the things on my mind at the moment. It probably doesn't mean so much but it does for me on the moving because I am living with my friend, his mom, little brother, and his sister with her boyfriend and daughter. So pretty much 5 adults altogether and 2 children in middle school, and we are struggling with money. Not a big surprise but yeah. We're all pretty much stressing out to find a 3 bedroom apartment or a house at the least but there are some details I won't go through. Just know that's taking a toll on all of us and I'll be giving half my check to whatever it is we need. The other half I'll be saving on a car. I hope I get a pt job in august cuz I need to get insurance for the car cuz that's a pretty much set thing to do once you get a car. Growing up sucks. It really does. Plus my friend (and I as passenger) got hit by and old lady almost two weeks ago on wednesday. I feel terrible about it cuz he took me to get my I.D renewed. He says it's not but I will also help pay for damages because yeah. How can I NOT feel guilty for that happening?

Support is very much welcome. We all so many things on our mind especially the kind that don't go very well. Well, until later, Jelika out.

PS- I'm so excited about Borderlands coming out! I've been raging about it for months!
  • Reading: The Inexplicables
  • Playing: Borderlands 2
  • Drinking: water, and more water.


jelikattebayo has started a donation pool!
1,108 / 1
:meow: Previously I wanted to get a PM, but the longer it's taking the more urge I have to do a contest so if you can help me out. :heart:Jelika 2012 :meow:
I would really like to:
:bulletred:give points to others/contests
:bulletred:give Premium Membership for those who would like one
:bulletred:Specify what the points are for such as commission, or donation. This makes it easier for me. Thanks.
===========:spotlight-left: :points: = Favors :spotlight-right:===========
:star: All 1-80 :points:------> Recognition in my journal for donating and offers shown in list.
:star: All 100:points: & up------>1] Feature in my journal for donating by adding a certain amount of thumbs (:+fav:'s) 2] and/or offers shown.
1-9 :points:= :+fav: + llama
10-29 :points:= :+devwatch: + :+fav: + llama
30-49 :points:= :+devwatch: + 5 :+fav: + llama
50-149 :points:= :+devwatch: + 7 :+fav: + llama
150-300:points:= :+devwatch: + 10 :+fav: + llama + cake badge
301 :points:+= cake badge + Negotiate through a note lol.

Send me a note if you would like one of the following features here on my DeviantID!
1 day (24 hrs) - 1 :points: (2 days for 2 pts; 3 days for 3 pts etc.)
1 week - 7 :points: (2 wks for 14 pts; 3wks for 21 pts.)
1 month - 25 :points:
1 year - 200 :points:
Forever- 600 :points:

You must be logged in to donate.


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Not sure what to write here. After a few years of being here I'm not sure if I am like other girls out there. I do enjoy drawing different things, and I learned that I have to be more descriptive in the thins I draw. It's not so hard, and it will be fun. I want to add a short story to future creations. That's imagination. That's creating. I will be busy with work this summer but send me something. It will surely leave me the impression of having admirers wanting to see more from my hands and my thought process. Questions or compliments? Let me know! :note:
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AVAILABILITY: :bulletorange:
:bulletblack: Unavailable and stressed
:bulletred: Very busy
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:bulletpink: Free!
:bulletpink: Currently aiming to do (4) commissions. One commission per deviant at a time. Read Commissions section for details.
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Progress Bar 01 by PikishiJelika's World #11 Put your game face on!
Progress Bar 01 by PikishiJelika's World #12 Food Processor
Progress Bar 01 by PikishiJelika's World #13 Kitty's Chair

:iconrabbitsplz::iconrabbitsplz::iconrabbitsplz:Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDuke:iconrabbitsplz::iconrabbitsplz::iconrabbitsplz:
Progress Bar 01 by PikishiNot started yet.
Progress Bar 02 by PikishiDrafting.
Progress Bar 03 by PikishiOutlining final product.
Progress Bar 04 by PikishiColoring.
Progress Bar 05 by PikishiShading.
Progress Bar 06 by PikishiDetails.
Progress Bar 07 by PikishiWhew!Done! :meow:
* need to upload

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